Beautiful Girl in Jacket, Pink Leggings and High Heels Get Fully Wet on Lake

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Today I want to show you the result of my Wetlook shooting with one beautiful girl. She looks like a Hollywood star - beautiful appearance and chic figure. Surely, she will look great in any outfit. But for today's Wetlook shooting, we decided to choose a bright outfit - blue jeans shorts, pink leggings underneath it, pink T-shirt, white jacket and shoes with high heels. She looks like a Barbie girl. The fully clothed girl stood on the lakeshore and then took few steps into the lake. Her shoes became wet at once. Then Wetlook girl in leggings and jacket wished to sit down in shallow water. Her leggings and jeans shorts immediately got wet. The soaked girl felt how wet leggings stuck to her legs. She liked this wet feeling so much. Then she started walking in the lake and splashing the water on her jacket and t-shirt until they became completely wet. The fully clothed girl swam, jumped and just enjoyed the Wetlook shooting process. At this time her hair also became completely wet. Then the girl in wet soaking wet leggings and jacket sat down on the edge of a wooden bridge. Her jacket was wet and heavy so she took it off. The fully dressed Wetlook girl continued to pose. She lay in sexy positions and just enjoyed a feeling of wet clothes on her body to the fullest.

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