Wet Girl in Red Jacket, Tight Jeans and High Heels by the Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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And here again my favorite Wetlook model. I'm always waiting for the opportunity to work with her because it is always interesting and exciting. As the weather is fine today, we decided to make her clothes at the sea. There is not just a picturesque nature, but it's also a great location for my Wetlook shootings. The blonde girl put on red jacket, blue tight jeans, red tights underneath it and shoes with high heels. She also put on black gloves, baseball cap and sunglasses. A fully dressed girl stepped into the water - the temperature was perfect for swimming. Not wasting a minute, girl in clothes entered the sea and felt that her shoes and lower part of her tights and jeans became wet. The young model knelt down and began to splash the water with her hands. At this time her gloves, shoes and jeans became wet. The Wetlook girl was very flexible, so she changed her poses very quickly, and it was very interesting to watch her. Then the fully clothed girl lay down in the shallow water, so her jacket got completely wet too. There, all girl's clothes - jacket, jeans and tights underneath it became completely wet. There left no dry place on her wet clothes. The Wetlook model put off her cap and her hair became partly wet. But the girl in wet jeans was extremely happy because she really liked the feeling of wet clothes on her body. She was having fun and splashing water on her completely wet jacket and jeans. Girl's wet jacket got wet and heavy, but the girl did not pay attention to it and continued to pose. Watch some free wetfoto and enjoy this gorgeous Wetlook with us.

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