Wetlook by Dirty Girl in Jacket, Tight Jeans and Leather Jackboots by the River

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Wetlook shooting is not at all an easy job, and to pose in soaking wet clothes when the cameras flashed is an art. Fortunately, I had to work with girls who clearly knew what to do in order to look cool in any clothes, no matter wet or dry. Today I invited this lovely blonde girl to pose for my new Wetlook shooting. The girl put on a blue jeans jacket, tight jeans, leather gloves, white t-shirt and black leather boots. To begin with, we made several photos of dry jeans and jacket against the background of the grass. I really like outdoors shootings, especially at such season of the year, when there is a lot of greenery around. Then the fully clothed Wetlook girl came to the lake. The shore was muddy, so it was rather slippery and uncomfortable to walk. The girl skinny jeans and jacket entered the lake and immediately felt that the water slowly leaked through the leather of the boot, and it gradually became wet inside. The Wetlook model began to move forward into the deep lake. The further the girl went, the wetter her jeans became. She splashed water on her jeans jacket and t-shirt until they also became wet. The soaked girl was so carried away by the shooting process that she did not even notice that it already got dark. But this fact did not distract the girl at all, on the contrary, we made a lot of cool Wetlook photos in completely wet jeans and jacket. At the end, the fully clothed girl lay down in shallow water. Her jeans and shoes became not only wet, but extremely dirty. To wash the dirt away, the girl again entered the lake. Now her jeans, shoes and jeans jacket were wet and clean. We did not work until sunset for a long time before it, but the final Wetlook result is worth it. Take a look and make it sure.

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