Wetlook by Cute Blonde in Jeans, Vest, T-Shirt and Leather Jackboots by the Lake

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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If you want to enjoy a beautiful girl in fully wet clothes, Welcome to our WETFOTO site. This is the place where you can definitely find everything you like - pretty models, different outfits and picturesque locations. And for today's Wetlook shooting I invited this cute blonde girl in tight blue jeans, pantyhose underneath it, white t-shirt, brown waistcoat with fur and black leather boots with high heels. She looks really great in that clothes, that perfectly suits her. Traditionally, we made some Wetlook photos in dry jeans, and then gradually began to go into the water. As soon as the fully clothed girl stepped into the lake, she felt that the water gradually leaked through the leather of her shoes and it became wet inside. Further, her jeans also got wet. And the further the fully dressed model moved in the lake, the wetter her jeans and pantyhose become. Her skinny jeans changed the color, and now you can see a clear line between the wet and dry parts. Then the Wetlook girl knelt down. At that time her t-shirt and waistcoat became wet and heavy, so the girl decided to take off her waistcoat. Since the completely wet girl was sitting in the shallow water, her jeans became not only wet but also very dirty. The soaked Wetlook girl went to a deep lake to wash the dirt away, but since it was very uncomfortable to walk, the girl decided to remove her wet shoes. When the soaking wet girl went ashore, there was no single dry place in her clothes. Her jeans were heavy and stuck to her feet, so the wet model also decided to put it off. In the end, the fully clothed girl in wet pantyhose and the T-shirt sat down on the sand. She was wet, dirty, but extremely pleased with the Wetlook shooting process. I hope you will also enjoy it.

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