Wetlook by Brunette Girl in Soaking Wet Jeans and Shoes in Jacuzzi Bath

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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I know that you really like my charming models, especially when they are dressed in completely wet clothes. So today I decided to please you with the new Wetlook shooting. This time I invited this gorgeous brunette girl with a beautiful figure. For this wet event in the jacuzzi we chose a very nice and comfortable outfit - black transparent blouse, red bras, light tight jeans and black shoes with high heels. I love girls who wear jeans and think that you will agree with me, that Wetlook girls in jeans look very sexy, especially when they become completely wet. At first, the fully clothed girl sat down on the edge of the pool, dropping her feet into the water. Her shoes gradually filled with water and became wet inside. Then the Wetlook girl in skinny jeans gradually began to move down into the pool. When the young girl stood waist-deep in the water, she felt that her jeans and blouse became dripping wet. Girl's blouse tightly stuck to her body and became transparent. Having spent some time in the pool, the fully clothed girl swam a little and then decided to take a shower, again being fully dressed. The Wetlook girl in wet jeans turned on the water and directed a jet of water to her wet blouse and skinny jeans. Water flowed down from her wet hair and clothes on the floor. There was no dry place on the girl's jeans. The soaked girl continued to take a shower and enjoy the wetting process and Wetlook shooting in general. It was a great day with many cool moments and awesome wet photos.

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