Hot Brunette in Jacket, Tight Jeans and High Heels Get Soaking Wet in Jacuzzi

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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This girl is extremely fond of swimming, and it does not matter where, how and when. Even if she is fully clothed at that moment. I love such courageous girls, so today I invited Alexandra to my new Wetlook shooting. The brunette girl put on jeans, black blouse and shoes with high heels. At first, the girl sat on the edge of the pool and decided to put on blue jacket. In this outfit, Wetlook girl started to go down. She gradually lowered her feet into the water until her shoes were filled with water and became wet inside. When the fully clothed Wetlook girl stood waist-deep in the water, her jeans became completely wet and stuck to her legs. The wet girl solved not to waste time and began to swim. The young girl in soaked jeans swam on her back. Her blouse, jacket and even her hair became completely wet. The jacket became wet and heavy, but the girl did not pay attention because she enjoyed the process of swimming and Wetlook shooting. From time to time, the soaking wet girl took on her wet jacket again and then put it off and throw into the water. The Wetlook model had a really great time and she did not even notice that she was swimming in completely wet clothes and shoes. She was so enthralled. But the time passed quickly, and the girl had to get out of the water. At the end, completely wet model decided to take a shower, still in wet jeans and blouse. The water flowed from her wet jacket and tight jeans on the floor. It was a really cool day, and definitely a great Wetlook shooting.

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