Wetlook by Two Girls in Tight Jeans and Socks in Jacuzzi Bath

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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This does not have to be sad if your best friend is by your side. Yana and Svitlana are accustomed to their free time together. They work hard, so they love to relax and have fun in Jacuzzi. So that, today that I decided to invite these beautiful girls to my new Wetlook shooting, so that the girls could relieve stress and relax after hard job. Yana put on violet blouse, tight jeans, and golden sneakers. And Svitlana was wearing black and white striped blouse, blue jeans and striped socks to get wet in. Without waiting for a minute, fully clothed Wetlook girlfriends hurried up to get into the water. They sat in Jacuzzi bath and their shoes, socks and jeans gradually became wet. Blue jeans changed the color and stuck to their hips. Jeans became heavy and when Wetlook girls wanted to stand up, the water quickly flowed down. Girls in wet jeans began to have fun and splash the water on each other's clothes. Their blouses also gradually became wet. Water splashes fell on their hair, so it also got wet. It seemed that there was not a single dry place on girls' clothes, but Wetlook girls did not stop. Soaking wet girlfriends continued to play in the water. We took a lot of great emotional photos with girls in completely wet jeans and blouses. Yana and Svitlana liked to shoot in the fully wet clothes very much, so they could have fun in the Jacuzzi for ages. Thanks to the girls' friendship, it was an extremely active and cheerful Wetlook shooting. Fully clothed girls enjoyed the process of getting wet to the fullest, and I hope that you will also enjoy it.

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