Wetlook by Beautiful Girl in Blouse, Pants and Leather Jackboots on Lake

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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However it is not so sunny and hot like today, but it is not a reason to stay hot. The weather is quite fine, it is time to go to the lake. This is a good opportunity to admire the scenery around, as well as make your clothes completely wet. I adore such locations, because there are very few people around, and you can concentrate on wetting process to the fullest. For today's Wetlook shooting I invited my good friend. This brunette girl is accustomed to camera flashes, but she has no experience as a Wetlook model, so the girl will have to pose wearing completely wet clothes for the first time. For such an important wet event, the girl put on red jeans, black transparent blouse, red bra underneath it, and black leather boots with high heels. To begin with, the fully clothed girl just walked along the shore in dry jeans and blouse. Then Wetlook model she carefully made few steps into the shallow water. The water quickly leaked through the leather of her boots and girl felt that it got wet inside. The girl decided not to stop and kept on her wetting. So she moved further into the lake. With every step, girl's boots and jeans got wetter and wetter. In the same time, her jeans changed the color - became darker and brighter. To make her blouse wet too, the girl in wet jeans began to splash the water with her hands. It was very exciting and we made a lot of emotional Wetlook photos. Then the girl in jeans and blouse solved that it was time to make her clothes completely wet from head to toe. The Wetlook model sat down in the shallow lake with her jeans covered with water. Then the girl in wet clothes continued to walk in the water. Her hair, blouse, jeans and boots became completely wet. Wet blouse stuck to her body and it looked very sexy. Her wet jeans also stuck to her hips. In the end, the Wetlook girl went ashore in a completely wet blouse and jeans to enjoy how seductive she looked in soaked clothes. It was really a great Wetlook shooting.

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