Hot Woman in Pants, Blouse and High Heels Get Soaking Wet in Bath

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This is Olesia. She is a very shy girl, but everything changes when hears something about Wetlook. Yeah, this cute girl really adores to take a shower or bath fully clothed, so she does not miss any opportunity to get soaking wet from head to toe. This time, the Wetlook model decided to take a bath wearing her new outfit. She put on a white blouse, beige pants and boots with high heels. These clothes are very comfortable, and at the same time suit her so much. As I said before, this time we decided to make clothes completely wet in the bath. So firstly, we traditionally took several photos before wetting and then filled the bath with water. The young girl slowly stepped into the water and felt how her boots the water leaked through the material of her boots and it gradually got wet inside. Then the Wetlook model took a shower and began to pour water on her pants till it got soaking wet too. Girl in wet pants knelt down and began to splash the water on her blouse and pants. Water drops fell on her clothes, body and hair. The fully clothed girl was so active and carefree, so it was just a pleasure to work with her. When the Wetlook model fell down into the water, there was no dry place on her clothes. When the soaking wet model got up, the water quickly flowed down her wet hair, blouse and pants. Olesia was filled with positive emotions, she had fun in the bath and just enjoyed the process of Wetlook shooting. The young model simply adores Wetlook shooting, so she even did not notice how quickly the time went by. As usual, you can watch some free preview photos, which will show you the atmosphere of the shooting process. But if you want to watch more wet photos - join the member zone at

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