Wetlook by Hot Woman in Black Dress, Stockings and Leather Boots on Lake

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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To tell the truth, it is always difficult to find appropriate words to describe the emotions we experienced during every Wetlook shootings. Each time we spend time emotionally and briskly, because my models always do their best, in order to get a really cool result. So now I try to find few words about this Wetlook. However, I think that everything is clear. This is summer, so it is not surprising that today we went to the lake again, where we will again enjoy the process of getting wet. As usual, I invited a charming redheaded model. who put on black mini dress, sexy stockings and boots with high heels. It was so hot and fully clothed girl decided not to waste time, and make her clothes soaking wet as fast as possible. Well, let's start our wetting. Having stepped into the lake, the fully clothed girl sat down on the stone. Water gradually leaked through the girl's boots, and they became wet inside. Girl's stockings gradually began wet. Then the girl got up and began to go further into the deep lake. With every step, her stockings became wet and brilliant. It was a very pleasant feeling to cool down in such a hot weather. Then the girl in wet stockings decided to lie in shallow water. Now her dress also became wet and stuck to the body. The Wetlook model looked very seductive in this wet dress. When there was not a single dry place on girl's clothes, she decided to have some fun. The girl in fully wet stockings and dress started to splash water on her clothes and hair. Now girl's hair got completely wet too. The fully wet girl was extremely happy, and now she is looking forward to a new Wetlook shooting. Watch some the free preview wetfoto photos and enjoy this beautiful Wetlook set with us.

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