Swimming by Fully Clothed Girl in Leggings, Shirt and Shoes with Heels in Pool

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Every girl who has tried herself as a Wetlook model is simply unable to imagine her life without shooting in completely wet clothes. This is like an obsession. This beautiful girl was initially rather skeptical when someone talked about Wetlook. And so when I invited her to my new shooting, she disagreed. But in the end, the curiosity prevails. The girl put on black sexy leggings, tights underneath it, white shirt and shoes with high heels. I love when my models choose such outfit to get wet in, because it looks very impressive and seductive when it becomes completely wet. To start with, the fully clothed girl began to pose in dry leggings and shirt, and we made a few Wetlook photos. Then the completely dressed model lay down on the edge of the pool in a sexy pose. Then she gradually lowered her legs, one by one into the water. The water temperature was comfortable for swimming in clothes, so the girl in leggings decided not to waste time and quickly fall into the water. Holding the ladder, the young girl began to slowly lower down, and her leggings and pantyhose became wet. When the Wetlook girl stood waist-deep in the water, she felt that almost all her clothes became completely wet. Even her shirt was soaked and stuck to her body. The girl's hair also became wet. Then the fully clothed girl solved to take a shower, still in wet leggings and shirt. The soaking wet girl began to pour water on her shirt and leggings. At the end, the Wetlook model was just lying in different seductive poses and enjoying a sense of wet clothes on her body. She really liked this Wetlook experience, and now she also can not imagine her life without bathing in completely wet clothes. And what do you think about this?

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