Sexy Blonde Girl in Pink Leggings and Golden Shoes Get Fully Wet on Sea

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What should I say about this gorgeous blonde girl? You already know that she is my favorite model, and we already took thousands of wet photos, changed a lot of interesting locations and outfits. It seems you know everything about her. She is a very pretty, active and she simply adores strawberries. So today we decided to take these berries for our shooting. It must be interesting. So, let's start our wetting. For this shooting, the blonde girl put on a pink blouse, jeans skirt, pink leggings and golden shoes with high heels. To start with, the fully clothed girl sat down on the stone, eating strawberries. She looked so seductive while eating. Here we made some Wetlook photos in dry clothes, before getting completely wet. Then the girl in bright leggings sat down on the edge of the stone dipping her feet into the water. Girl's golden shoes gradually got wet. The fully clothed girl took several steps into the water. She swam in clothes many times before, but it always exciting for her. While moving into the depth, girl's leggings and jeans skirt gradually became wet. Her wet leggings changed the color and got brilliant. Then the girl in wet leggins and skirt sat down and kept on eating strawberries. At the end Wetlook model lay down in the shallow water, so now her blouse and hair also got soaking wet. When the blonde girl in completely wet clothes stood up, water quickly flowed down her wet hair, blouse, jeans skirt and leggings. The Wetlook girl was so happy to make her clothes soaking wet for you. If you want to watch all the photos of this fantastic girl in completely wet clothes - join

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