Fully Clothed Girl in Denim Skirt and Leggings Get Wet and Dance at Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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This active girl can not sit still for anything. Most of all she likes to play sports. The girl is training somewhere, sometime and under any circumstances. So today, when I invited this brunette to take part in my new Wetlook, girl decided to combine her training with wet shooting. Well, that should be very interesting. So let's start. Wetlook girl put on black leggings, blue jeans skirt, white T-shirt and brown bolero. Fully clothed girl was barefoot, as it was much comfortable to walk without shoes. It was evening, so it was pretty dark when we came to the sea. Wetlook girl sat down at the edge of the stone and began to splash the water with her feet. The water temperature was just perfect to swim fully clothed and to make her leggings soaking wet. While splashing water, her leggings became wet. Splashes of water fell on the her jeans skirt, T-shirt and bolero. Soaked girl lay on a rock in wet leggings and jeans skirts. Wetlook girl continued to soak her outfit until it became completely wet. Her leggings stuck to her legs, and jeans skirt became wet and heavy. Cool water flowed down on the stones from her bolero and skirt. And now it's time to do exercises, still fully clothed. Wet girl did the split and made acrobatic stunts on wet stones. Then brunette girl went into the water, sat down and lowered her head into the water, so her hair got absolutely wet. As she sharply lifted her head, water sprays were splashing all around. It looked great. Then fully clothed girl took off her wet bolero and continued to play and have fun in the water. All her clothes - a T-shirt, jeans skirt and leggings were wet. Wetlook girl was extremely happy to have such opportunity to try herself in Wetlook. And I also really like the result of our wet sea shooting. I think you will agree with me.

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