Winter Wetlook by Pretty Woman in Sheepskin Coat and Sexy Stockings in Bath

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Probably every girl would like to try herself as a photo model at least once in her life. This is an extremely cool experience. And I really love girls who are not afraid to experiment, because shooting in completely wet clothes is a rather unusual thing. Fortunately, I have a lot of girlfriends who are always ready to make their clothes completely wet. So today I asked Oksana to help me. For this shooting, Wetlook girl put on an interesting look - a light brown fur coat, black transparent blouse, brown shorts, pantyhose and boots with high heels. We decided to make our shooting in the bathtub. To begin with, we filled the bath with water and a great amount of foam. Then the fully dressed girl sat down on the edge of the bathtub, dipping her legs inside. The young lady felt that the water gradually began to leak through her boots until they became completely wet inside. Girl's tights also got soaked. Then the Wetlook girl in wet pantyhose and boots sat down, took a glass, and started to spill water on her fur coat. The girl's fur coat gradually got wet. At that time, her shorts and blouse also became wet. When the Wetlook girl fell down, her fur coat became soaking wet and heavy. To tell the truth, it is rather strange to see a girl who takes a bath in the fur coat, but it is a definitely cool idea. Since it was hot enough in the bathroom, Oksana decided to take off her fur coat and continue shooting wearing wet shorts and blouse. Her transparent blouse tightly stuck to her wet body. Then the girl in completely wet clothes took a big brown scarf and began to play with it. We have made a lot of interesting Wetlook photos which are definitely worth your attention. Just take a look and enjoy this beautiful Wetlook.

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