Wet Girl in Jacket, Tight Jeans and High Heels Enjoy Her Wetlook

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Each time we work on our new Wetlook, we want everything to be at the highest level. For this purpose, we try to find different interesting locations, various outfits and also invite beautiful Wetlook models to make their clothes completely wet. And today I have an opportunity to work with this pretty girl on the sea coast. For today's wet shooting, this blond girl put on a white T-shirt with pink letters, white jacket, blue tight jeans and shoes with high heels. This is a perfect Wetlook outfit for wetting, because it is not only comfortable, but it also looks cool when it becomes completely wet. And this is exactly what we are going to do. We decided not to waste time, but make girl's jeans, jacket and T-shirt soaking wet as fast as possible. The fully clothed girl went into the shallow water and then sat down on the stone. At that time her shoes and the lower part of girl's jeans got completely wet. It was a very cool feeling, given the hot weather. Then the girl in wet jeans got up and started moving further into the sea. The water was so clear. It looked just fantastic. Standing waist-deep in the sea, the wet girl began to splash the water on her jacket and T-shirt, till it got wet too. As the girl's jacket became wet and heavy, fully clothed model solved to put it off. Now the girl in wet jeans and T-shirt kept on to splash the water and have fun until there was no dry place on her clothes. At that time, girl's hair got dripping wet too. The completely wet model spent a long time in the water, enjoying her Wetlook to the fullest. It was a really great day filled with positive Wetlook emotions.

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