Wetlook by Two Sexy Fully Clothed Girls on High Heels

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You already got used that each time I invite just one model to my Wetlook shooting. Two girls are rather an exception for me, but today we decided to break this rule. And as a result, you can see two completely different but soaking wet models together in one Wetlook. Such shooting is always very interesting because while wetting, the girls always have fun. This time we made a decision to go to the seashore with these two hot girls. One girl Tania is brunette, and another girl Diana has curly red hair. The Wetlook models chose different outfits to get wet in. In order to become wet, Tania put on light blue blouse, dark jeans and black leather boots with high heels and Diana - pink blouse, light jeans and white boots with heels. As soon as we started our wetting, the fully clothed girls were immediately carried away by the shooting process. They lay down on the shore cloth to each other and began to hug and kiss. It looked very sensitive. Then they gradually began to enter the sea. Their boots and jeans immediately became wet. The Wetlook models in wet jeans started moving further into the deep sea. The further they went, the wetter their jeans became. The fully dressed girls splashed the water on each other, so their blouses also became wet. The young models in wet boots, jeans and blouses stood close to each other in the lake and felt that all their clothes were completely wet. In order to get interesting photos, the completely wet girls had fun and kissed again. It's amazing what girls can do when they want to get great WETFOTO. Is not it? Hope you will like this Wetlook because the fully clothed wet girls tried seriously.

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