Wetlook by Cute Girl in Jacket, Leggings, Blouse and heeled Shoes at Bath

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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There is some type of girls who look great in any outfit. It does not matter they wear, a business suit, elegant dress or casual ripped jeans and sneakers. This beautiful model belongs specifically to such girls. She has a slim figure, so she confidently may put on any clothes and it will suit her perfectly. For today's Wetlook shooting, the girl put on a black jacket, brown blouse, shiny leggings, pantyhose underneath it and shoes with high heels. After making some photos in dry leggings, we entered the bathroom. The bath was already filled with water, everything was ready for making clothes completely wet. The fully clothed girl lowered her legs into the water. The water temperature was ideal for wetting. Therefore the girl in skinny leggings confidently lowered her second leg. Her shoes gradually filled with water and became wet inside. Then the Wetlook model lay down, in order to make her leggings, pantyhose and jacket completely wet. At first, she soaked leggings and pantyhose, then girl's blouse and jacket also absorbed water and became wet. The completely wet girl took off her heavy wet jacket from time to time, and then put it on again. The Wetlook model in wet leggings and pantyhose was laying in the bath and continued to pour water on her wet clothes. In the end, the young girl took off her wet shoes, and also wetted her hair. As a result, we got a lot of great Wetlook photos. Watch and enjoy it to the fullest.

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