Hot Blonde in Denim Shorts, Bright T-Shirt and Stockings Get Fully Wet in Bath

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Just look at this cheerful blonde girl. She is full of strength and energy, that means that it will be more fun today. For this time, we decided to shoot our Wetlook in the girl's apartment, where she is doing the repairs. Wetlook girl was wearing bright pink t-shirt, blue jeans shorts with a white belt and black pantyhose. At first, we made several photos in dry clothes lying on the floor and then headed to the bathroom. There were gray walls with plaster and old small bathtub. We are accustomed to spacious and luxurious Wetlook locations, but this place looks really cool. Fully clothed girl sat on the edge of the bath, and turned on the water. She immediately began to pour water on her T-shirt and hair. Her T-shirt changed the color to darker and became wet. Girl in black pantyhose continued to direct a jet of water towards her face and the upper part of her clothes. The water quickly flowed down, so girl's jeans shorts and pantyhose also gradually became wet. Her wet pantyhose became brilliant, and jeans shorts got heavy and stuck to hips. Then girl in wet T-shirt and pantyhose saw a shampoo and decided to wash her hair. Wet girl began to massage her hair with shampoo. Her hair became soapy, and foam was everywhere - on her T-shirt, jeans shorts and pantyhose. When soaking wet girl felt that it was enough, she began to wash the foam away. Soapy water dripped down her wet clothes. At the end, fully clothed girl took off her wet shorts, and we took a few Wetlook photos in wet T-shirt and pantyhose. Wet from head to toe model was enjoying the shooting process. She really liked the feeling of wet clothes on her body, so she wants to try herself in Wetlook again.

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