Beautiful Girl In Sexy Bodysuit Get Soaking Wet in Milk Bath

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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This fragile blonde girl looks like a ballet dancer from "The Swan Lake". She is so sweet and tender in this beautiful beige bodysuit covered with shining stones and pearls. But today girl is not goings to dance. Today she wants to swim fully clothed in bath, not in lake. Beautiful girl sits on the edge of bathtub with her feet in water. It is so pleasant sensation. So girl to lies down in water to make her bodysuit fully wet. Girl looks like nude in this soaking wet bodysuit. Then girl takes a package of milk and starts to pour it in bathtub. The water changed color to white. What a beautiful wet look. It is just awesome. At the end, she is going to take a shower still fully clothed. There girl keeps on to shower her hair and soaking wet clothes. Girl loves this feeling when her bodysuit sticks to her body and merge with her delicate skin. Surely, this is unforgettable wet feelings!

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