Soaking Wet Girl in Jacket, Stockings, Tight Jeans and Boots in Jacuzzi Bath

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Today this magnificent brunette girl is going to become wet from head to toe. And for this, she needs a jeans outfit and a bath full of water. Well, and great photographer, of course, to take a lot of beautiful Wetlook photos. As I said, the girl put on jeans clothing - blue jeans, pantyhose underneath it, jeans jacket, black bodysuit and shoes with high heels. Having made several photos in dry clothes, the girl sat down on the edge of the bathtub, dropping her legs inside. Her shoes immediately filled with water and became wet. Now it was the time to make her pantyhose and jeans wet too. The fully clothed girl knelt down. That part of the jeans that was wet, changed the color. It looked very interesting. her pantyhose. also gradually got wet. Then the Wetlook model laydown. Her jeans outfit was covered with water. As a result, her jeans jacket and bodysuit also become wet. For some time the girl just lay down and enjoyed her Wetlook. The girl felt that her jacket absorbed the moisture and became heavy, so the wet model decided to put it off and throw it into the water. Her wet jeans stuck to her hips, so the soaking wet girl felt a little uncomfortable. So she also took off jeans. The girl stood in the bathroom only in a wet bodysuit and brilliant pantyhose. In such outfit, she looked even more seductive. Her wet pantyhose got torn during the shooting, but the girl did not pay attention to it because she was extremely satisfied with her Wetlook. I also really liked working with this girl, because she is not just a pretty girl, but she is a very capable Wetlook model. I think we will meet again.

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