Wetlook by Curly Girl in Jacket, Tight Jeans, Tights and Shoes in Jacuzzi

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Every time you view our Wetlook photos on our WETFOTO site, you want to find something new and extraordinary. The main tip of a successful wet shooting is a beautiful model, an interesting outfit and a cool location. I think this time I managed to combine all these parts into one. So, meet this gorgeous girl who is going to get totally wet for you. This is Tania and for this wet shooting, she put a blue jeans jacket, white t-shirt, tight jeans, pantyhose underneath it and shoes with high heels. The young girl likes swimming so much but she never tried to do this, being completely clothed before it. To begin with, the fully clothed girl sat on the edge of the pool where we took some Wetlook photos in dry jeans and jacket. Then the girl slowly started to dip her feet into the water, until her shoes and the lower part of her jeans and pantyhose got wet. The Wetlook model began to splash the water and have fun. Water splashes fell on the girl's jeans and jacket, and some wet spots appeared on it. Then the curly girl decided to go further into the pool. Standing waist-deep in the water, the fully dressed girl felt that now her jeans and pantyhose became completely wet. Then the girl in wet clothes solved to swim on the rubber ring. It was very fun. Then the Wetlook model in wet jeans and jacket went down again into the water and began to jump. Girl's jeans jackets and T-shirt also became quite wet. While swimming, her curly hair also became wet. Now all her clothes - jacket, t-shirt, jeans and pantyhose were completely wet. But the completely wet girl was very pleased, she was full of energy and positive. I hope you will also enjoy this awesome Wetlook.

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