Wetlook by Blonde Girl in Jacket, Y-Shirt, Tight Jeans and Shoes in Pool

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This lovely blonde girl today is going to swim fully dressed in the pool. The girl had long wanted to try her as Wetlook model, so when I invited her to be photographed in soaking wet clothes, the girl already knew what to do in order to get great wet photos. The Wetlook girl put on a light jacket, white t-shirt, blue tight jeans and shoes with high heels. The fully clothed girl sat down on the edge of the pool and lowered her feet into the water. Her shoes and the bottom of her jeans became wet. Then the Wetlook model in skinny jeans and jacket began to go downstairs. With every step, she moved deeper into the water, and her jeans became wetter and darker. The fully clothed girl leaned back, so her hair was covered with water and became wet as well. Standing waist-deep in the water, all the girl's clothes, including her jacket, T-shirt and jeans, became completely wet. Now she was soaking wet from head to toe. Then the soaking wet girl decided to swim a bit. We made a lot of cool Wetlook photos in the process of girl's swimming. Then the young girl left the pool and took off her dripping wet and heavy jacket. The soaked girl spent the rest of the time in the jacuzzi. The Wetlook girl in soaking wet jeans and t-shirt was laying and just enjoying the process of shooting and this great opportunity to relax. Watch the free preview photos and I am sure, you could not stop yourself from watching the rest of our wet photos.

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