Fully Clothed Wet Girl in Jeans, Blouse and High Heels Talk on Phone

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Our today's photo shooting on the seashore seems to be a trick from some movie. Just take a glance - a completely dressed girl speaks by telephone on the seashore, the waves are crashing the rocks, and finally, the girl becomes completely wet from head to toe. She would definitely be an actress of a romantic movie with a great finale. But today we decided to cool down and make some great Wetlook photos. For our wet shooting, the girl put on a white blouse, dark gray trousers and shoes with heels. To start with, the fully clothed girl sat down on the shore and took a red phone. She raised the handset and imagined that she was talking to her ex-boyfriend. It was a very emotional conversation, so the Wetlook girl in trousers did not even notice how she gradually approached the sea, and her shoes became wet. Then her trousers also began to get wet, but she did not pay attention to this and continued talking. The sea was not calm, and there were a lot of waves. The young lady in wet shoes and trousers lay down on the beach, and her white blouse gradually became completely wet too. We made a lot of cool Wetlook pictures when the fully clothed girl lies with the waves covering her. Then the girl in soaking wet clothes went further into the sea. Now, there was not a single dry place on her blouse and trousers. The completely wet girl was sitting in the shallow water, but it was quite difficult because the waves were rather turbulent. Then the Wetlook model went ashore. The water quickly flowed down her wet blouse and the trousers. The girl in wet clothes sat down on the stone and took her phone again. It was a very emotional and interesting Wetlook shooting, and I really liked working with this beautiful girl. Hope to have the opportunity to work again with her. So, to the new wet meetings.

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