Wetlook by Beautiful Girl in Jacket, Tight Jeans and Boots in Jacuzzi

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Let me introduce this gorgeous girl. It is Olia. She is a very cute and pretty girl. She really wanted to try herself in Wetlook. So today, I invited her to my new wet shooting in the jacuzzi. This girl chose clothes to get wet in for a long time, and finally, she put on a black transparent blouse, beige jacket, tight blue jeans and boots with high heels. The Wetlook model has a very nice figure, so she looks great in this skinny jeans. As soon as the fully clothed model entered the room, she immediately saw the big pool with blue water. She sat down on the edge of the pool and dipped her feet into the water. Her shoes filled with water and got wet. Girl's jeans gradually got wet and dark too. Then the Wetlook girl in partly wet jeans decided not to enter the pool, but to take a shower, still fully clothed. The wet girl turned on the water and started to pour it on her clothes and hair. Firstly, she directed a jet of water on her jeans and kept on to spill the water, till it was no dry place on it. Then she continued to make her jacket and blouse soaking wet too. Water flowed down her jacket and jeans on the floor. The Wetlook model was standing and lying in various flexible and sexy poses. Girl's wet jeans and blouse stuck to her body and highlighted the beauty of her slim figure The Wetlook girl looked very seductive in that wet clothes. I really enjoyed working with Olia because she is not only a very pretty girl but also a gorgeous Wetlook model. Look our free photos, and enjoy this wet shooting to the fullest.

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