Wetlook by Hot Brunette in Denim Jacket and Skinny Jeans and Leather Boots

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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You already know from my previous Wetlook works that jeans clothing is one of my favorite ones. I really adore how wet jeans stick to the girls' hips, because it always looks extremely seductive. Therefore, when we chose clothes for a new Wetlook shooting near the lake, the answer was obvious - tight jeans and jeans jacket. Marta also wore black golf, pantyhose, belt and leather boots with high heels. This was her first Wetlook experience, so brunette girl was a bit uncertain. But when the girl stepped into the lake, and water began to soak through the leather of her boots, girl got a pleasant feeling and immediately wanted to make her clothes completely wet. When Wetlook girl got into the water deeper her boots became completely wet inside. Tight jeans got wet and dark. Fully clothed girl gently began to move further into the deep lake. Now her jeans are soaking wet. Just her jeans jacket and golf still stayed dry. So brunette girl began to splash the water with her hands on her still dry clothes. Dark wet spots appeared on her jacket. After some time her jacket and golf also became wet. Water dripped down from her heavy jacket. Splashes of water scattered all around. It looked really cool. Girl's jacket became heavy, so she decided to take it off. We took several Wetlook photos in the water, and then fully clothed wet girl went to the shore, where she took off her soaking wet jeans and boots. Brunette girl stood in golf and pantyhose, and it looked fantastic. I think you will also enjoy this Wetlook.

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