Fully Clothed Girl in White Pants, T-Shirt and High Heels Get Wet on Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Hot sunny day, calm blue sea and beautiful nature around. All these mean, that new Wetlook shooting is waiting for you. So, let's have some fun and make our clothes completely wet from head to toe. Today I invited this gorgeous girl to spend this wonderful day me and, of course, take a lot of cool Wetlook photos in the soaking wet clothes. For this wetfoto shooting , the young girl put on a black blouse, white pants and black shoes with high heels. To start with, the fully clothed girl just walked on the rocks and enjoyed the scenery around. Here we made some photos, before getting completely wet. Then the girl in pants gradually approached the sea. The fully clothed girl took the step into the water and felt a pleasant coolness. It was a really great feeling. Then she sat on the stone, dipping her legs into the water. Her shoes and the bottom of her pants gradually got wet. When girl's pant got completely wet that became transparent and stuck to her hips. It looked very seductive. Then Wetlook model lay down in the shallow water, so now her blouse and hair also got soaking wet. The Wetlook girl in completely wet pants and blouse jumped was laying in the background of green seaweeds in different flexible poses, so we took a lot of beautiful photos. I like working with such active girls, who perfectly knows what to do in order to take the fantastic Wetlolok result. The young girl in completely wet pants and blouse continued to lay and enjoyed this beautiful feeling of coolness. As usual, you can watch some free wet photos to make sure, that all our models are really worth your attention.

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