Chocolate Wetlook by Sweet Girl in Jacket, Swimsuit and High Heels in Bath

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Have you ever taken a chocolate bath? Maybe. But I'm more than sure you have never taken a chocolate bath when you were completely dressed. I've been looking for such a chocolate shooting for a long time, but for some reason, I have always found hundreds of reasons not to do it. But then I met this wonderful girl. When I saw the outfit she chose for Wetlook shooting, I realized that it was time. The girl was wearing a short brown jacket, black bodysuit, pantyhose and shoes with high heels. At first, the fully clothed girl sat down on the edge of the bath and turned on the water. The bath was gradually filled with water, and girl's shoes and pantyhose became wet. Then the girl in wet pantyhose fell down. Her jackets and pantyhose were completely covered with water, and so it became wet. The fully dressed girl took off her wet shoes. For some time, the Wetlook model was just laying and enjoying the process of getting wet, and then took a pack of cocoa, and began to sip it on her wet jacket, bodysuit and into the water. Her clothes and water became brown at once. The soaking wet girl continued to pour a cocoa powder on her pantyhose. Then the completely wet girl lay down in the bathtub and took the chocolate. The water in the bath became like melted chocolate, and to sea honestly, it looked very tasty. The girl's hair also became wet, but she continued to lie and enjoy the Wetlook shooting process. We made a lot of really cool, spectacular photos, and I can say with certainty that I am happy with this Wetlook result for all hundred percent. At the end the fully clothed girl decided to take a shower to wash the chocolate away from her jacket, bodysuit and pantyhose. Look at these free Wetlook photos, and I am sure you will join our WETFOTO site to watch the rest.

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