Fully Wet Girl in Jacket, Shorts, Tights and High Heels

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Just look at this delightful, tender girl in checked jacket, gray T-shirt, brown short shorts, tights and brown suede boots with high-heels. She looks so sweet in this clothes, I just can imagine how it will look fully wet. Wetlook girl walks by the shore of a picturesque lake and accidentally finds an old boat. Curiosity is growing and blonde girl decides to sit down in the boat, despite the fact that it is full of water. Her brown suede boots with high heels changed the color to darker, and the water immediately leaks through her boots, so girl feels a pleasant coolness through her toes. Wetlook girl sits on the edge of the boat and dips his legs into the lake. The water temperature is so nice, so she descends into the lake. Her tights became wet and shiny. Wet girl takes off her jacket and starts walking in the lake, splashing water on her tights, T-shirt and shorts, and playing with water lily. When her clothes become soaking wet, she swims a bit. Her T-shirt becomes dark gray, and her tights get brilliant and stick to her slender legs. In this completely wet clothes, wetlook girl sits in the boat again, where we take some more wonderful photos in different flexible poses. Then soaking wet girl goes to the shore and just enjoys how beautiful she looks in completely wet tights, t-shirts and shorts. Certainly, it is a wonderful wetlook you have to admire.

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