Blonde Girl in Sport Pants, Shirt and Sneakers Get Fully Wet on Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Today, I want to share with you one interesting wetfoto shooting. As usual, for this wetting, I invited my favorite Wetlook model. Surely, you already fell in love with this blond beauty. And today we have decided not only to make our clothes completely wet, but also to do some sports. So, let us do it. For such wet occasion, the young girl decided to put on sportswear - bright red T-shirt, dark blue sports pants and comfortable shoes. The fully clothed girl loves sports very much, so she feels very comfortable in such clothes. To start with, the girl in pants and t-shirt did a few exercises on the seacoast, and then gradually began to approach the sea. The weather was really hot, so she wanted to enter the water as soon as possible in order to soak her clothes and cool down. At first, the Wetlook girl in t-shirt and pants felt that her shoes became soaking wet. Moving deeper into the water, the girl's pants gradually got wet too. Then the completely dressed girl lay down in the shallow water and felt a pleasant coolness. It was so good to cool down after sports training. At that time, the girl's T-shirt and pants became completely wet and tightly stuck to her slender body. The girl's hair also gradually became wet. Then the Wetlook model in the wet clothes decided to have some fun. She jumped and splashed the water with her hands. It was very joyful and we made a lot of cool wetfoto pictures. In conclusion, I want to say that I really love working with this Wetlook girl, because we always spent a really good time and also get a huge amount of cool wet photos. I hope you like it too. So, to the next Wetlook meetings.

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