Pretty Woman Get Wet in Light Jeans, Shirt and Shoes with Heels

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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It is a pleasure to work with such beautiful girls, because, regardless of clothes they put on and location, we always get a fantastic Wetlook result. And today, for my new Wetlook shooting, I invited this pretty long-haired girl. She is so tender and delicate, so she will look great in any outfit. But for today's wet adventure, she decided to put on the light outfit - green shirt, tight blue jeans and black shoes with high heels. This is a very comfortable outfit to become completely wet in. At first, as usual, we walked by the lake, admiring the beautiful nature around, and made some Wetlook photos in dry jeans. And then we proceed to our wetting. The fully clothed girl made a step in the water. Her shoes became wet at once. The bottom part of her jeans also became wet and changed the color. When the Wetlook model went into the lake, she noticed a rope and began to pull it with her hands. Then the young girl went further into the deep lake. The further the girl was moving, the wetter her jeans became. The wet girl walked and then knelt down in the shallow lake. She splashed water on her jeans and shirt until they became completely wet. The soaking wet girl was extremely pleased with her Wetlook shootings, and she did not even notice how her clothes became completely wet. At the end, the completely wet girl got a great idea. we draw a bucket of water and started to pour water on the girl. It looked very cool. At that time, the girl's hair also became wet. The water flowed down from her wet hair, shirts and jeans. The girl was extremely pleased with the process of wetting and the result of Wetlook shootings in general.

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