Dirty Wetlook by Two Fully Clothed Wet Girls in Mud

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When these two girls are upset, they are ready to do anything to cheer up. They are ready to carry out any boldest ideas. I am very impressed with such kind of people, so I decided to invite these girls to take part in my new unusual Wetlook shooting. The girls carefully chose their outfits, because we chose unusual location. You used to see comfortable bathrooms or seacoast. But today we solved to get wet by the river with the muddy shore. Roksolana put on colored pantyhose, black mini skirt, black blouse, lace gloves and shoes with heels. Tania put on tight blue jeans and polka dot blouse. Wetlook girl decided that it would be better to walk barefoot. Fully clothed girls came to the rivers with a lot of mud. The sat down on the wet ground. Their jeans and pantyhose became wet and dirty. Wetlook girls started to play and have fun. One by one, completely dirty and wet girls were posing in sexual positions. To tell the truth, it was really cool when Wetlook girls were posing in soaking wet and dirty clothes. Having made several photos, fully clothed girls decided to go to the lake in order to make their pantyhose, jeans and blouses clean. Their clothes gradually became wetter and wetter. First, they washed up their pantyhose and jeans, and then blouses. At that time their hair also got wet. Fully clothed girls were wet and dirty from head to toe. Probably, it will take a lot of time for them to wash up all this dirt, but no doubt, this Wetlook was worth it.

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