Sexy Girl in Leather Jacket, Leggings and High Heels Get Fully Wet

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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We had previously had the experience of Wetlook shooting in such a rather unusual location. I remember that you really liked this idea, so we decided to repeat it again. So today you have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a completely dressed girl who becomes soaking wet while lying in the straw. For today's wetting, the blonde girl put on a black leather jacket, skinny jeans, violet blouse and lilac shoes with high heels. The fully clothed girl was in a good mood, so she immediately began to have fun and make her clothes completely wet. I really love active and positive girls, because it's always fun and easy to work with them. The Wetlook model lay down in the hay and took a bowl of water. Then the girl in clothes gradually began to pour water on her blouse and jacket. Girl's jeans also got partially wet. The girl in wet clothes took each other's other dishes but continued to pour water on her jeans and jacket. Her hair also became wet. Now there was no dry place on her jeans and jacket. Even the straw, on which the Wetlook girl was lying, also became wet. The soaking wet girl was very pleased with the process of getting wet, and she did not want to stop. Therefore, we continued to pour water on her clothes. The Wetlook model lay in various flexible sexual poses and simply enjoyed the process of Wetlook shooting. In the end, the wet girl got up. The straw was glued to her wet jeans and jacket, but we still made a few Wetlook photos in fully wet clothes. I hope you enjoy this wonderful Wetlook, because we tried very hard.

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