Bubbles Wetlook by Happy Woman in Jacket, Jeans and Tights in Bath

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Today this pretty blonde girl decided to forget her sweet childhood. For this purpose, she took a lot of different things to take a bath with. As it was Wetlook shooting, the blonde girl also prepared fitting outfit - red polka dot blouse, ripped skinny jeans, fishnet tights underneath it and black jacket. First of all, the fully clothed girl sat down on the chair and filled the bathtub with water. Then she put a lot of foam and then lowered her legs into the water. Sitting on the edge of the bath, she felt how her tights and jeans gradually began to get wet. The girl in skinny jeans lay down and took bubbles. She was like a small girl - happy and carefree. In this time all her clothes - tights, jeans, blouse and jacket got completely wet. Then the fully clothed girl noticed that small cat entered the bathroom. The young girl put off her wet jacket, called it and pick the cat up. It was rather strange, that cat was not afraid of water. But it was so cute, so we took a lot of photos with this beautiful creature. Then the Wetlook girl sat down, took a bright pink washcloth and began to play with it. The girl on wet jeans and blouse splashed the foamy water and played like she was a child. It was so joyful and interesting. Girl's wet blouse and jeans tightly stuck to her body, but she did not pay attention to it and kept on playing. There was no dry place on girl's clothes. Even her short blonde hair was dripping wet. It was definitely best shooting ever. We had a really great wet time and got a great Wetlook result. Watch some free photos and join to watch all the Wetlook content of this sweet blonde girl.

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