Wetlook by Girl in Jacket, Tight Jeans and Patent Leather Boots

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Meet this lovely girl, because now it is time for my new Wetlook. Each time we carefully prepare for each wet shooting - choose clothes, to get soaking wet in, location and Wetlook models - everything in order to take great photos and positive emotions. Today we decided to swim fully dressed in the sea. For this wet event, this beautiful brunette girl put on a white jacket, black T-shirt, tight blue jeans and boots with high heels. The fully clothed girl walked in the shallow sea, and the water gradually began to leak through the leather of her boots, and it became completely wet inside. When the young girl was standing on her knees, her jeans also got wet. At that time, Wetlook model began to splash the water on her still dry jacket and T-shirt. Her jeans became completely wet and also some wet spots appeared on her jacket. Then the fully clothed girl decided to go further into the deep water. With every step, the sea became deeper, and her jeans got wetter. When there left any dry place on her jacket and T-shirt, the Wetlook girl in wet jeans solved to swim a little. She also wanted to have some fun. The soaking wet girl began to jump and squish the water. She laughed and enjoyed all the shooting process. I like to work with such happy and positive girls because, in the result, I get a charge of positive energy and a lot of cool Wetlook photos. When the completely wet model came out of the sea, the water flowed down her wet jeans and jacket. She took off a heavy wet jacket and shoes. The fully clothed girl was wet and tired, but definitely satisfied with her Wetlook.

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