Wetlook by Exotic Girl in White Sexy Dress and High Heels

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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This extraordinary girl loves extreme and everything extraordinary, so Wetlook shooting is just like an adventure for her. I wanted to take wet photos of this tanned girl, because she looks very original and interesting, thanks to her long dreadlocks, that perfectly suits her. For today's Wetlook shooting, the blonde girl put on white dress and shoes with high heels. The girl also put on a long pearl necklace. She looks gorgeously in this outfit because white color looks especially great on her tanned body. Well, let's not waste time, and start to make clothes completely wet as soon as possible. As only the fully clothed girl stepped into the lake, her shoes filled with water and became wet. It was rather hot, so when the girl stepped into the water she cooled down and decided to make her clothes soaking wet immediately. So the Wetlook model began to move further into the deep lake. The girl splashed water on her dress until it became completely wet and then put off her shoes. Her wet dress stuck to her sexy body. Then the completely wet girl lay down in shallow water on her back, so her dreads became wet and heavy too. The Wetlook girl in wet dress was lying in the lake for some time and then she got up and went into the deep water again. The fully dressed girl was running, splashing the water and having fun. She enjoyed every single moment of her wettings. She stood in different flexible poses and it was just a pleasure o work with her. There we took a lot of cool Wetlook photos in completely wet dress. The girl was so carried away by the shooting process that she even did not notice that it was dark. We were working until sunset, but it was really worth it.

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