Wetlook by Cute Blonde in Jacket, Jeans, Frock and Shoes in Jacuzzi

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Meet my new Wetlook model Oksana. This cute girl has a beautiful figure and pretty appearance. And for today's wet shooting she put on a white jacket, tight blue jeans, striped T-shirt, light blue socks and bright shoes with high heels. The girl also held a bright handbag, that perfectly suits her shoes. The fully clothed girl looks gorgeous in this outfit, and I can only imagine how cool she will look when it gets completely wet. So let the Wetlook shooting get started. We chose a big pool for our wetting. The fully dressed girl walked around it, and slowly approached the ladder that led to the water. Girl in tight jeans started to go down and put throw her handbag into the water. When The Wetlook model was standing knee-deep in water, she felt that her shoes, socks and the bottom of jeans became wet. Sitting on the edge of the pool, young girl dipped her feet into the pool and began to splash the water. The girl put off her wet shoes and gradually began to plunge deeper and deeper into the water. Her jeans were completely wet and stuck to her hips. Girls jacket gradually became to get wet too, so girl solved to put it off. Now girl's T-shirt was partly wet, but since Oksana cannot swim, she decided that it would be better to take a shower in order to make her clothes completely wet. So the girl in wet jeans took her wet handbag, left the pool and headed to shower. The Wetlook girl started to pour water on her jeans and T-shirt. The blonde girl in completely wet clothes stood under the shower and warm water quickly flew down from her dripping wet jeans. The completely wet model really liked these wet feelings, and she wants to feel it again. So, to the next Wetlook meetings with Oksana.

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