Wetlook by Curly Girl in Delicate Blouse, Tight Jeans and Shoes by the Lake

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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The urban fuss always bothers me, so whenever I try to go out of town, especially when it is warm on the street. There, I try to find new great locations for my Wetlook shootings. Today I invited my good girlfriend Martha, and we decided to go to the lake in order to make her clothes soaking wet. You have already seen this picturesque lake in my previous Wetlook works, but feel so good here that I come back here again and again. So curly girl put on black lace blouse, tight blue jeans and shoes. At first, fully clothed girl wandered along the lakeshore, where we made a lot of great photos in dry jeans. Standing near the lake, Wetlook girl took several steps into the water. Her shoes got wet. The bottom part of her jeans also became wet and dark. Then young girl in tight jeans started to move further into the lake. The further she moved forward, the wetter her jeans became. Fully clothed girl was standing waist-deep in the water. Now her blue jeans are completely wet. Then Wetlook girl decided to go to the shore. Lying in shallow water, her blouse also became wet. Then Martha began to sip sand on her wet clothes. Her jeans and blouse became dirty. Then she saw the rope, and she began to pull it in completely wet and dirty clothes. It looked cool, and we made a lot of great photos. Then wet and dirty girl entered the lake again, in order to wash the mud from her blouse and jeans. Fully clothed girl splashed water on her dirty clothes until it became completely clean and soaking wet. It was a great wet adventure. We had a lot of fun and spent a really good time. We were extremely pleased with the wet result of our Wetlook shooting.

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