Wetlook by Blonde in Red Tights, Denim Shorts, Blouse and High Heels

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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After Wetlook shooting with Katia and Olia, soaking wet girls went to the lake shore and waited until their clothes got dry. Olia liked to swim fully clothed very much, so she decided that she wanted to make her clothes wet on more time. I did not have more plans that day, so I agreed to take some more wet more pictures. Wetlook girl had no other outfit, so she solved to get wet in the same clothes - white and red blouse, red pantyhose and high-waisted jeans shorts. Fully clothed girl only changed her shoes - she put on bright shoes with high heels. Girl also held a small black handbag in her hand. This time, Wetlook girl was even more confident than the previous one, and she clearly knew what to do, for a good wet result. Fully clothed girl sat on a wooden bridge and slowly dipped her feet into the lake. High heeled shoes became wet. Her red tights also got wet and shiny. Then fully clothed girl went into the water. Olia moved further into the deep water, and the further she went, the wetter her clothes became. Her pantyhose and jeans shorts gradually got completely wet. Shorts became dark and heavy. Then wet girl bent back, so her hair was covered with water and got wet. In the previous shooting girl decided not to wet her hair as you know. Wetlook girl in a wet blouse and pantyhose swam a little. Now there was no single dry spot on her clothes. Soaking wet girl was extremely pleased that she had the opportunity to try herself in Wetlook twice. And she does not want to fix on this result. So, to the next wet meetings with Olia.

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