Fully Clothed Girl in Tight Jeans Get Wet on Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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This is Katia and today she is going to make her clothes completely wet. The girl had no experience as a Wetlook model before, but she is extremely fond of being photographed. She thoroughly prepared for today's wet shooting, and eventually decided to put on comfortable casual clothes - a red checkered shirt, a white t-shirt underneath it and tight blue jeans. There were a lot of stones on the seashore, so Wetlook girl decided to walk barefoot. The fully clothed girl sat down on the edge of the stone and lowered her feet into the water. The water temperature was good for swimming fully clothed, so Wetlook model bravely took a step in the water. The girl's skinny jeans gradually became wet, change color and began to shine. Then girl in wetjeans lay down so that her shirt and T-shirt also became soaking wet. The fully clothed model was sitting in the shallow sea and splashing water on her already wet jeans and shirt. Then the Wetlook girl leaned her head back, and her hair also became dripping wet. Now there was no dry place on girl's clothes. Her skinny jeans and shirt stuck to her body. I am very satisfied with the wet girl's work because she clearly knows what to do in order to get great Wetlook photos. So, to the next wet meetings with Katia.

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