Beautiful Girl in Shirt and Skinny Jeans Get Soaking Wet in Studio

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Meet Ilona. The gentle redheaded girl, professional model, who will pose fully clothed and soaking wet in a rather unusual location for you. Today we work in a studio with a small pool and gray decorations. And the main attribute is yellow flexible hose with water, with the help of which, Ilona planning to get soaking wet from head to toe. For such an interesting wetlook, girl wears comfortable casual outfit - checked shirt, and blue tight jeans and no shoes. Wetlook girl climbed into the pool. Her jeans gradually get wet and become darker. Getting used to water, Ilona kneels, takes a hose with her hands and turns the water on. Wet girl wind hose around herself. The pool is overloaded and the water leaks on the floor. Wet girl begins to splash the water on her tight jeans and shirt, and just has a fun. Gradually her jeans, shirt and hair become soaking wet. Fully clothed girl continues to pose, and then Ilona lies down into the water and just enjoys her wetlook to the fullest. Soaking wet girl looks very impressive in completely wet tight jeans and shirt that stick to her slender body. I hope you will also like this beautiful wetlook.

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