Fully Clothed Blonde Girl Get Soaking Wet on Lake

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Summer, sun, river and beautiful girl in white shirt, light jeans and bright blue shoes heels. In my opinion, there is everything for the new Wetlook shooting. Therefore, we will not waste a time and will start immediately. Wetlook girl kneels down on the river bank, and dark wet spots appear on her light jeans. While fully clothed girl looked at her wet jeans, her shoes were filled with water and became wet inside. Then wet girl started to splash the water on the still dry parts of the jeans and white T-shirt. Sitting in the shallow water, still completely clothed wet girl, began to play with wet sand. It was extremely joyful and interesting. To flush the dirt from her wet jeans, Wetlook girl entered the water again. Then soaking wet girl swam a little and continued to lie in completely wet jeans and t-shirt that seemed to merge with her body. Wet girl is extremely satisfied with her Wetlook and I guess you will like it too. So, watch and get pleasure.

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