Hot Girl Takes a Bath and Gets Wet in Blouse Without Bra and Faux Leather Pants

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    Some time ago we already had a wetlook shooting with adorable Viktoria. She is a very stylish and beautiful girl who loves different experiments. You can see our previous shooting in cool clothes in SET 529. This time Viktoria also chose interesting clothes for the bath. She put on black tights and a faux leather skinny pants, a thin blouse without a bra and a reddish jacket and put on shoes. I think it's super and great clothes to take a bath. At first, the girl showered her leather pants and shoes. The water glistened gracefully on the pants and it was not easy to wet them). Then Viktoria sat in the bath completely wetting his pants, took a glass and watered her blouse and jacket. As a result, the jacket was completely wet and emphasized the beautiful figure of a girl without a bra. Then Viktoria buttoned her jacket and lay down completely in the water. The jacket changed colour from getting wet and became darker and heavier. At that moment the fully clothed girl is completely wet and it's great! Then there was a variety of poses: the girl lifted her legs out of the water with splashes, showered herself, pulled up her tights high under her stomach from under her pants. We made a great wetlook video of the soaking process. I really liked Viktoria's wet blouse because it covered the figure of a girl without a bra. In the end, Viktoria took off her heavy wet shoes and jacket and put on a white bodysuit with tights. Such set of clothes also looked incredible when the girl completely soaked it. Viktoria felt great in the bathroom and enjoyed the wet clothes and the shooting process. We took a lot of photos and videos for fans of feet (wet feet) in tights). We hope for your support so that we can continue to create cool wetlook video shoots. Good luck!)

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