Fully Clothed Beautiful Girl in High Heels Get Soaking Wet on Sea

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Summer is a time of sun, sea, beach parties till dawn and lots of fun. And it is definitely a great opportunity for the new Wetlook. Elena decided to take advantage of this possibility, so one of the hot days she wears bright floral dress and black sandals with high heels and hurries up to the seacoast. It is really hot, so long haired girl wants to make her clothes soaking wet faster. The sea is pretty calm, just perfect for swimming. Elena climbs on a large stone and drops her legs in the water. To completely cool down, Wetlook girl begins to splash the water on her dress. This is a very great feeling, when her wet dress sticks to the body, especially when it is so hot around. Soaking wet girl sits on the rock pounded by waves on all sides. In the end, her dress gets completely wet. Fully clothed girl lies down and sunbathes in wet clothes. The breeze is blowing and it is just incredible. She lies on the rock, her hair, dress and sandals are completely wet, and Wetlook girl is extremely happy. She swims a lot, splashes water and just has fun to the fullest. It was an amazing Wetlook that you should see.

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