Wetlook by Pretty Girl in Striped Sweater, High-Waisted Jeans and Red High Heels

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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It seems this beautiful girl was born to be a wetlook model. No matter where - on the lake or in shower, she always looks for some place with water to make her clothes wet. Girl gets incredible pleasure wearing dripping wet clothes. Today girl found such wet place in studio - nothing superfluous, only chair, ladder, yellow hose, jet of water and wetlook girl. So she is going to get soaking wet with the help of hose. For this occasion girl usually wears casual clothes - striped sweater, blue high-waisted jeans and red high heels - perfect outlook for her unusual wetlook. It must be interesting. Girl takes on the water which quickly begins to flow. She takes a hose and directs water jet on her jeans and sweater till it get soaking wet. Her red high-heeled shoes fill with water too. Girl feels how her clothes absorb water and tightly stick to her body. She steps on the ladder and keeps on to wet herself. Girl also splash some water on her hair to make it always wet. Fully clothed wet girl is absolutely happy to have such a great chance to enjoy her wetlook in such a good place. Surely, it is unforgettable wet experience she ever had.

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