Hot Wetlook Girl in White Skinny Jeans Gets Soaking Wet in Bubble Bath

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    I got acquainted with Nina in a pizzeria where she has been working as an administrator .... At the meeting, I liked the girl's cheerfulness (sense of humour) and I immediately realized that we will have a super wetlook. ... she left the phone number .... I called back and we agreed to do a photoshoot..The girl brought some clothes for photography. When she pulled out her high-heeled winter boots, I immediately realized that this was what I needed. We put on black tights and chose white skinny jeans .... we also put on a warm blouse and a leather jacket ...... These are ingenious clothes for taking a bath. We started to pour the water into the bath ... The girl stepped into the water with her boots and felt as they started to get wet ....... Then we poured foam on her clothes and taking a shower the girl started to wash her clothes ..... Her boots became completely wet and jeans too. White wet jeans became darker because there were black tights under them. Then, when the water became more, the girl sat in the bath and showered her clothes. She lifted her boots out of the water and water dripped from them. The water began to foam and we coloured it to enhance the effect. Gradually the girl laid completely into the water ..... she put a hood on her head .... her blouse and a jacket became very soaked with water and very heavy. There were a lot of different poses. The video captured cool action moments from the wetting process. Then she took off wet boots and jacket and continued swimming in her blouse. Nina completely wet her hair ... and pulled up her wet tights, which peeked out of jeans. The girl lifted her legs out of the water, popped her ass out of the water with splashes ...... and at the end she completely showed herself and washed her hair from the foam. After I made 2000 photos and a long video, the girl said she still wanted to just lie in the water because she really liked the feeling of wet clothes. Nina is a perfect wetlook model ... It was very nice to work with her. I hope we will still organize the shooting .... And thank you very much for your purchases and support, thanks to you we can continue to create cool photoshoots. Have a nice day everyone.

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